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"Lovely beach with a view of the sunset, great for surf beginners"

Weligama beach is a serene and tranquil beach retreat in Sri Lanka boasting stunning natural scenery, deserted beaches, fantastic surf breaks and amazing seafood restaurants. And it is a very touristy beach. Which is just full of beach culture. This beach is for those who want to surf, relax or soak up the local atmosphere. There are learn to surf schools and surfboard hire shops every where you look. Just like other Sri Lankan coastal cities, it is also filled with beaches that enhance its beauty a lot more than before. Its beaches are half occupied with fishermen who are busy fishing and boating. A little way away from the beaches, villages are filled with busy people working day and night to make a fortune, Schools that give surfing lessons can be seen at the ends of the beaches. It’s such a pleasant sight to witness. It has attractive beaches that are ideal for surfing. Along the beaches, there are resort open for people who want to stay alongside the beautiful scenario.

Weligama beach visitweligama.org

Weligama beach is an interesting blend of lively fishing town and beach resort. The sprawling main settlement and coastal road is somewhat scruffy and not that easy on the eye, but you'll find the sandy beach is attractive once you're away from the main section; there's a couple of cove beaches west of the centre. At the east end of the beach, there's an enormous new concrete Marriott hotel, which towers over the surrounding buildings and looks completely out of place.
Kids surfing in Weligama beach | visitweligama.org
Even Kids surfing in Weligama beach

Beach corridor

The beach has amazingly soft shaft and generally very clean and safe for locals and foreigners alike. The waves aren’t too harsh that the even your kids too enjoyed it. Clean blue sea with steady waves. It is a surfer’s paradise with plenty of shops around to help you learn surfing. For others who just want to enjoy the sea, it offers plenty of opportunities as well. There are plenty of vegetarian eateries to choose from and if you’re into yoga this is the place to be. It is a very picturesque beach.
Marriott Hotel Weligama | visitweligama.org
Marriott Hotel along with Weligama Beach break

Surfers Heaven ?

Weligama beach is a nice clean area which allows for easy swimming and is popular with surfers. And beach is a heaven for beginners/intermediate surfers, perfect for long boarding and training and learning since the waves seldom is higher than 4 ft and comes quite slowly. And thanks to the conditions the bay is packed with surf schools and surf hotels and as a result of that the water is sometimes overcrowded.
Surfers Heaven Weligama | visitweligama.org
Surfers Heaven Weligama

Weligama Bay

It has become is one of the most reliable surf destinations in the Indian Ocean with several famous surf points in walking distance for an advanced surfer. Weligama beach is probably the largest surf bay on the south east of the island. It’s a shallow sand reef which make it safe although the waves are moving quite a bit.
Weligama Bay aerial view | visitweligama.org
Weligama bay aerial view

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