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aerial view of fisheries harbour weligama

Fisheries harbour in Weligama situated in Kapparathota area is and can be easily seen as you are coming into the Weligama from Colombo (not in the expressway though). This is also known as Kapparathota anchorage. The difference in tides means some days you see enormous small fishing boats and yachts docked in the bay, and sometimes you see fishermen waist deep in water, off the shore for boat docking purpose. And place is a very organized harbour, dedicated for local fishing community.

The coastline of Weligama is rich and diverse in seafood resources. The Kapparathota Fisheries Harbour in Weligama was established and managed by the local fishing community. It has been designed for berthing and landing about 100 vessels, including deep-sea fishing vessels. The  jetty complex is built on sea area for docking the boats. Fisheries harbour also had a separate market place where fish will be on auction and selling.

Fishermen in harbour of fisheries harbour weligama
Fishermen in harbour
Fisheries harbour jetty view from Galle road
Fisheries harbour jetty view from Galle road

Fish Market Fisheries harbour Weligama

This is Fisheries harbour Weligama where hundreds of colourful fishing boats anchor and sell the night’s catch of fresh fish from the Indian Ocean, at the Fish Market to wholesale and individual buyers each morning. Travelers can easily visit this place via walking. It is located nearby the road. And see how the local fishing market works and how the local fishing culture of Weligama area. Morning hours like 06:00 - 08:00 mostly the fish auction and fish market operated daily. And other times its mainly used for anchorage purposes.
Fish boats scattered around Jetty
Fish boats scattered around Jetty

Aerial view of Fisheries harbour Weligama | The Anchorage

Aerial view of the fisheries harbour provide magnificent view where hundred of boats scattered around the jetty of Weligama bay area.
Fish boats scattered around the Fisheries Harbour Weligama pier
Fish boats scattered around the Fisheries Harbour Weligama pier

How to get here

It is located nearby the Galle road. And you can enter without any prior permission. And no need to pay entrance fee. But be careful when the morning hours where people rush around here and there you need to give priority for them to do their business. And simply 10 minutes walk will reach you TO Fisheries Harbour from Weligama town.

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