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Sri Lanka being a tropical island is the ideal location to enjoy a number of water sports including Sailing which has clearly become part and parcel of the many leisure activities enjoyed by locals and tourists. In Weligama Bay travelers can experience epic yacht sailing over Indian ocean. What better way to enjoy the scenic beauty of the coastal areas in Weligama and Mirissa by Sailing around with friends, family and your better half.

Sailing in Sri Lanka

Sailing has been associated with the Sri Lankan culture and heritage since long before while its origins relate with the country’s fisher folk. The main Sailing destinations in Sri Lanka consist of the North-East coast and the Southern coast which boasts of some of the most pristine beaches of the world. Sailing in Sri Lanka is rapidly turning out to be a favored pastime while there are a number of well known Sailing bodies that cater to clients who wish to enjoy their holiday Sailing in yachts, catamarans and even dinghies.
Aerial view of yacht in Weligama bay

A Luxurious Sailing Experience "The Catamaran - Pearl"

Standing at a length of 47ft and with a main sail of 85 sq. m, the Pearl can accommodate a maximum of 24 passengers. The lower deck has a fully equipped kitchen, cushioned benches and jute, a newly developed bio-composite by our boatyard, and tables that can seat 24 guests. The bathroom with toilet and sink is located in the rear. On the large sundeck in front guests can choose between the trampoline or homemade sunbeds for relaxing and sun tanning.

The upper deck is spacious and contains additional sunbeds and a seating area. Half of the deck can be covered from the sun if desired. The sunbeds can be removed to accommodate large groups and parties. During parties the upper deck becomes a dance floor and the lower deck is used as a chilling area. The hulls are reserved for crew and house two cabins, engine rooms, and provide storage for life jackets, water toys and drinks. There is a shaded area, large sundeck, bow seats, stand up paddle board, snorkeling gear of varied sizes, tableware including wine glasses and flutes and a drinks menu. Safety is well secured with life jackets, lifebuoy, VHF radio, extinguishers, first aid kit etc.
The Catamaran - Pearl

Service Provider : Sail Lanka Charter in Mirissa

Currently in Weligama and Mirissa area Sail Lanka Charter provides your personalized sailing experience in Sri Lanka.Sail Lanka, a socially responsible and well established yacht charter company that runs sailing cruises and day trips all around the coast of Sri Lanka. It also a Sri Lankan company that was created and incorporated at the BOI of Sri Lanka. Sail Lanka offers day and multi-day charter cruises with skipper on the East, South, West and Northern coasts of Sri Lanka.

Sail Lanka Charter Packages

Sail Lanka Charter offers exhilarating sailing trips along the magnificent coastline of Sri Lanka. Learn how to sail and take out a Minibee 6.5, have an unforgettable time on a high speed RIB or relax on board of our luxury catamaran. Sail Lanka Charter provides you two major types of yacht tour packages. They a holiday packages which travelers witness full board facilities in a Yacht. Or otherwise traveler can stay in yacht for certain hours time period. Following tour packages covers sailing experience over Weligama bay.

Sailing Holidays:
6 Nights : Southern Coast Nature Cruise (More information)
2 Night: Weligama Whale Cruise (More information)

Day Cruises:
4 Hours: Loop with Sunset South (More information)
3 Hours: Customized cruise (More information)

Sailing in Weligama and Mirissa

Fun and Chill out Morning Trip : consisting of a serene Sailing expedition along the beautiful coastal bay of Weligama and Mirissa, you can also stopover in a picturesque cove for a private swim away from the crowded beaches. Travelers can also learn how to sail and even help with the deck operations. You can try out the stand out paddle board just to have some fun. This also witness along with exciting whale and dolphin watching expeditions. Always keep your sunscreen and swimming gear ready. The morning trip is usually from 09.00 am to 12:00 noon.
Afternoon session in Yacht sailing
Loop with Sunset South Trip : Usually setting sail by 14:30 in the afternoon and docking back at 18.30 in the evening, this trip promises of no pollution, no engine sounds and no traffic to endure. It’s only you, the rush of water and the sounds of the sails flapping against the wind while the yacht speeds across the Indian Ocean. This Sailing trip is ideal for the adrenaline junkie and is always a memorable experience. You can also explore the beautiful small Islands in Weligama bay, snorkeling and even a relaxing swim. You can witness a beautiful sunset while enjoying a glass of wine on the way back to Mirissa Harbour. Evenings can be spent at any one of the Weligama chic beach resorts that dot the southern coastline. Unforgettable Sunrises and Sunsets are a highlight of our southern cruises.

Best time for Sailing in Weligama

Ideal to set sail during the season of October to April, Sailing in Weligama opens doors to other activities such as snorkeling, swimming and simply lazing under the sun. A 48ft Sailing catamaran, first of its kind in the island offers you the chance to enjoy private trips from Weligama during this season. The beautiful coastal resort area of Weligama which offers one of the world’s most gorgeous beaches can also be explored during the months of April to September where the weather is more favorable (depends on monsoon).
Enjoy canoeing in Weligama bay - provided by Pearl yacht

Having your own Yacht Party in Weligama Bay?

There’s no better way to spend a tropical afternoon in Weligama than on Yacht Party. Watch the colors of the sky change from just a hint of a colour to shades of deeper orange, purple and red while you cruise along Weligama and Mirissa bay, sipping a drink on the open-air top deck of the beautiful modern catamaran. Weligama Yacht party have become an new pillar of the Weligama tourism. Feel the different, party on the open tropical air, enjoying nature lighting. Party is for adult and very safe for them who want to enjoying the DJ music on boat. Some of the hotels and surf camps organize Yacht party in October to April tourist seasons. Elsewhere Surfcamps organize annually yacht party. Or otherwise you can arrange your own private yacht party !
Enjoy Yacht Party in Weligama Bay

How to get in to Yacht in Weligama?

Most of the times journey begins on the Mirissa harbor. Either traveler can call the folks at Sail Lanka up, or get your bay-side hotel to arrange it for you. A little motorboat will take you from the shore in front of your hotel, to the yacht anchored out at sea about 5 - 10 minutes away in shores.

Whale watching by Catamaran

Whale watching is something you shouldn’t miss on your trip to the ‘Weligama’. Most visitors opt for one of the crowded early morning tourist boats chugging out of Mirissa, and if you’re on a tight schedule or budget then this is certainly a worthwhile option. It won’t be particularly comfy, and there will be elbow wars as you battle with fellow passengers to secure the perfect vantage spot for photographs. Travelers can whale watching by luxury overnight catamaran !!
Whale watching from Yacht
Whale watching in Mirissa from Yacht

Fascinated in Yacht Sailing? : Book your next luxurious Yacht sailing in Weligama beach

You can book your own Yacht sailing from sail-lanka-charter.com. Furthermore you can customized your Yacht journey as your own desire.

Last Updated on: 2019/05/30