Whale Watching in Mirissa Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the few places in the world where elephants, the giants of the land roam next to the whales, giants of the ocean. Southern Sri Lanka offers some of the world’s best whale sightings potential. The seas off Weligama coastline are home to a resident pod of blue whales, the world’s largest mammal, and these can often be spotted on a daily basis. Super pods of sperm whales, Brydes whales and Killer whales are also seen, alongside acrobatic pods of spinner dolphins in their thousands. The main launch pad for whale watching trips is Mirissa Harbour, a ten minutes drive away from Weligama town. South coast whale watching is best from November to April when the seas are calm. Whale watching in Mirissa is something you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Weligama Sri Lanka.

Whales in Mirissa Coast

Alongside witnessing some of the worlds oldest and largest creatures, you may also get the chance to observe a fantastic show from spinner or bottle nosed Dolphins. Depending on the day, you may be lucky enough to see Blue Whales, Fin Whale, Sperm Whale, Dolphnes, Whale Sharks, Hump Back Whales, Turtles and Flying Fishes. They can all be seen during a whale watching trip a few miles off the South Coast Weligama of Sri Lanka. 

How to do Whale Watching in Weligama

Mirissa just three kilo meter south of Weligama is one of the places to meet the Blue Whales swimming next to pods of Sperm whales, short finned pilot whales, killer whales, fin whales, melon headed whales with spinner dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. Most visitors opt for one of the crowded early morning tourist boats chugging out of Mirissa, and if you’re on a tight schedule or budget then this is certainly a worthwhile option. With many tour operators running from Mirissa harbour, Most of the boat operators use a big boat that is more sturdy and stable. And currently government issues a 10 USD ticket for per person who is going for whale watching. It’s essential to choose your boat wisely – larger boats are better if you get seasick as they are more stable and all should carry have correct safety equipment.

Whale Watching package

All passengers are fully insured and breakfast and mineral water is provided, as well as sea sickness medication, should you need it. The duration of the trip can vary, depending on which month you visit, it could be anything between 2-5 hours. Sightings are guaranteed and some of the operators offer that if travelers do not see a whale operators will offer you a free trip the following day. Some of the packages includes: Transport to Mirissa Harbour, Breakfast, Mineral Water, Boat ticket per person.