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Traveling in train is a hassle free transportation method in Sri Lanka. Travelers can have more freedom and space when using public trains in Sri Lanka. All most all the trains that heading towards Matara will stop at Weligama railway station.
Train Times for Weligama
We highly recommend the train as the touring method when you equipped with surf boards. But conditions on train are decent and less comfortable especially lavatory etc... And trains will get crowded in office hours 07:00 - 08.30 morning, 15:30 - 17:30 afternoon. Nevertheless trains will also get more crowded in festive and vacation months like April, August, December. But it is a low cost compared to buses and taxi, ticket price would be 1 - 3 USD. Usually most of the trains get delayed on its journey. Minimum travel duration to Weligama would be 2 hours and 45 mints. All most all the trains have second class and third class compartments. It is advisable to buy second class ticket to avoid crowd. Travelers can jump in to coastal train towards Weligama from almost every major railway stations alongside the Colombo to Weligama.

Things to remember in train rides in Sri Lanka:

- Always check train schedule from railway government website:
- Be patient always because of the train delays and over crowded situations.
- Take foods and beverage with you in the journey (most of the trains never had restaurants in it)
- No Smoking inside the train.
- Avoid stay in near the door or in the door (avoid accidents)
- Since trains tent to get delayed due to various reasons, plan your time ahead. (keep ample time for tolerate delays)
- Keep your valuable items in a safe location.
- Avoid using lavatory inside trains unless you really needed.
- Avoid carrying surf board on office trains (listed below) third class compartment.
- Do not block the passage way or the entrance to the train compartment with your back packs.
- Currently there is no online railway ticket reservation system in Sri Lankan railway system.
- Most of the train schedule sets between 06:00 AM to 18:00 PM (unless night mail trains).
- Always seek help from officials in the train station.
- Buy second class ticket if possible to avoid crowd.
- If you can not get an idea about train schedules and train details please use government mobile help line number : 1919 (dial 1919 from a your Sri Lankan prepaid mobile number)

Train schedules for visit Weligama [Updated 2019/02]:

From above third class compartments in Sagarika, Ruhunu Kumari, Evening Express Train 01 trains will be crowded in weekdays. This is mainly because of office commuters. But second class compartment has less crowded which compared to third class when it comes to in weekday office hours. And morning trains towards Weligama has less crowded unless it a weekend or festive and vacation months.

On demand Luxury Carriages

Blue Line Express (Formally known as Rajadhani Express)
Blue Line Express former known as Rajadhani Express is also attached to Sri Lankan Railways trains, and consists of a couple of compartments. Rides are available from Colombo to Kandy, Badulla, and Matara. Those bookings need to done via Colombo Fort railway station's special ticket counter.

Viceroy Special (011 258 7996)
The Viceroy Special boasts of being Sri Lanka's only operational vintage steam train. Despite being vintage and all that, it does however provide air-conditioning, WiFi, a bar, a smoking area, and other amenities. Viceroy Special conduct its operations as annual tour basis traveler can book via their website.

How to Reserve Seats

Go to the Fort Railway Station and buy your ticket in advance. Yes, you do need to physically go there and book your ticket. Currently there is no online railway ticket reservation system in Sri Lankan railway system. Because of no prior booking and online booking available for train tickets, therefore you need too go to the railway station to buy tickets. Tickets issuing start 10 mints before train arrival to the station.

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