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Temples in Sri Lanka

Buddhism is the main religion practiced in Sri Lanka, so there is no wander that you can find Buddhism temples everywhere in the country as temples play a very active part in daily life and many temples with quite long history are still in active. People come to the temples every day to pray to Buddha for health or good fortune and they sometimes talk with the monks. The structures of the temples are in such unbelievable elegant style for tourists to visit. These temples are the most beautiful and impressive structures you would really like to see. The temple precinct consists 'Stupa', Bo tree, Image house and 'Devala'. Visiting temples is one of the highlights of any trip to Sri Lanka. There are nearly 10,000 temples in Sri Lanka. Their ornate pagodas and golden statues make them must-see attractions, and there are many options for visitors to choose from.

Temples in Weligama

A trip to Weligama is not really complete without visiting at least one temple. There are huge number of temples around Weligama area. The temples are scattered around Weligama town area, so it’ll take you a whole day to visit the main ones. Even though it’s impossible to visit them all, a few of them are really worth the time and effort. Plus, many of them are close to each other, so you can visit several in one day. It would be easy to simply temple-hop in the Weligama town.

Tips for visiting temples in Weligama, Sri Lanka

How to dress: Remember to dress long sleeves if you visiting a temple. It is advisable to you cover up your shoulders and ankles, but if you’re wearing pants and a T-shirt, there shouldn’t be a problem. And please remove your slippers when entering to the temple. And travelers need to takeoff their hats and caps when entering to the temple.Most of the temples get crowded in weekend and Poya days (please check Sri Lankan calendar to see the what are the poya days in Sri Lanka). So it is better to avoid those days.

Be Respectful
The temples in Weligama are very active religious sites make sure you are respectful of local cultures and people at the temple for worship. You may be there because the temple is beautiful, but to the people in Weligama, it means more to them. Be quiet and calm.

Prices/Entrance Fee: Visiting a temple in Weligama is free, but you can contribute small amount of LKR as a donation if you like, in fact that is not mandatory like in Bali.

Time Period: It is better to to your temple visit within 08:30 to 19:00 time period.

How to visit the temples in Weligama, Sri Lanka

There are three four ways to see the temples. You either sign up for a group tour package from travel agent or hotel owner, you can rent a tuk tuk, you rent a scooter or you can just walk through. We recommend visiting temples by walk which is near by Weligama town area. Or otherwise rent a scooter or tuk tuk for the day go the temples you want to see.

Locations of Weligama Temples in Google maps

This map shows the Buddhist temples in Weligama area. It has two sections, one sections shows the all the Buddhist temples in the area and other section shows the Temple tour of Weligama. Traveler can easily see visit temples near by the town area by walking and others can be reach by tuk tuk, scooter or by bus.