Surfing In Weligama Sri Lanka

Weligama Bay is located in south west Sri Lanka. Weligama is an old fishing village used by local fisherman as it’s a huge sheltered bay which enables the fishing boats to get out to sea, avoiding the huge swells that crash against the headlands either side of Weligama Bay. Surfing in Weligama is one of the most popular things to do on the island. In the past Weligama was a little fishing village but today it is a famous surf destination for beginner and advanced surfers. Best time to go to the Weligama reef is during the dry season.

So what makes this a good spot for surfing?

The bay is sheltered from winds and is all sand with no reef which makes it a perfect beginner/ intermediate surf spot, complete with slow rolling clean green waves. We have local surf guides on hand for anyone wanting to surf more advanced spots along the coast and we are situated within a 20 mins drive of up to 12 different challenging surf breaks. Weligama is the number 1 surf spot to learn to surf in Sri Lanka as it is one of few beach breaks the island has to offer. Beach breaks, meaning the floor is soft from sand, enables one to risk more and not have to worry about hitting, or more so not hitting, cement like plateaus found at reef breaks at other spots around Sri Lanka. Soft, mellow waves break far out from the shore, creating thick foamies that are perfect for giving time to try stand up and get a good length of ride.

What kind of wave is Weligama Beach?

Weligama beach is a beach break with waves that break all the way along the 2km stretch of beach. Giving surfers a lot of space to spread out and find a peak of your own, if you’re searching for a solo session and willing to compromise on quality. The most consistent and crowded peak along the beach is what’s known as W15 point, located approximately 400 meters north of Weligama main junction. Commonly known as the best peak at Weligama Beach, W15 point is mostly a right hand wave that breaks longer than the rest of the waves along the beach due to how the sand builds up in this section of beach and the formation of a small channel, rather than the fast walls that close out along other areas of the beach.

On bigger swells and a low tide, W15 point can turn into a hollow dredging wave that provides some fun barrels for those that are skilled enough. Most commonly though the waves are soft waist to knee high runners that make Weligama beach so good for those traveling to Sri Lanka to learn how to surf. For the rest of the peaks on along the beach, the higher tide is the optimal time to surf when the faster sections are more makeable and offer the chance to link several maneuvers on each wave before it closes out.

Wave type: Beach Break
Wave difficulty: Beginner upwards
What way does the wave break: Left and Right
Sea bottom: Sand
Booties: No
Surfboard type: Any shape or size board you desire!
Crowd factor: Weligama beach handles the crowds with the ability to spread out along the beach. If an area is too crowded walk along the beach until you find an uncrowded bank to have fun on.
Hazards: Pollution, especially after heavy rain which is frequent in the wet season of May to December and particularly so from December to February.
Best swell direction: SW
What tide does it work best on: Mid tide, but surfable on all tides 
Best tide movement for surfing: Mid to high tide
How consistent is the surf: Ultra consistent 
Best time of year for waves: Dry Season,October - April
What is the vibe like in the lineup: Frothing beginners, Local rippers

Where should I stay?

For surfers planning on staying at Weligama Beach and are researching the best located and most affordable accommodation options, homestay style options, Beach Inn are great places to start.

What else is there to do in the area other than surfing?

Sunbathing - The beach is lined with chairs and loungers that you can rent for per day anywhere along the beach you want to relax. Not only is the beach full of tourists making the most of relaxing and tanning in the tropical sun but the beach is also full of action in addition to surfing with all sorts of sports and activities going on such as soccer, volleyball, frisbee and all.

Sunsets - Weligama beach is a renowned spot to unwind after a day surfing at beach. Soak in the beautiful sunset, enjoy a bars such as Cliff Tik.

Nightlife - Weligama beach is a renowned area for partying. A large number of bars draw the younger crowds of surfers, backpackers and holiday goers in for long nights of partying almost every day of the week.

Learn How to Surf - Weligama beach is a great surf spot for beginners and one of the very few surf breaks without a reef bottom in Sri Lanka, therefore, it is a very safe place to learn how to surf. There are a number of surf schools available for you to choose from at Weligama beach so you won’t have a problem in organising surf lessons.

How to get around?

The best way to get around if you are experienced is by scooter or walking. It can be quicker to walk at certain times of the day if you’re not going too far.

Is there parking fees for Weligama beach?

Parking your scooter or car is absolutely free at Weligama beach

How to get there?

You can reach Weligama beach by any part of the Island. Refer this article for more details.