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There are a handful of surf shops around Weligama, where you can find a board with a shape and colour of your choice. And choose your desired beachwear for the season. Shops has large selection of surf shops that stock hardware, water wear, lifestyle apparel, and accessories. Most of the shops located Weligama beach break where the all surf schools and surf camps grouped together.

Buy Surf board / SUP or Rental

Surf board rental Costs
Board rental costs about 10 USD per day, but you should be able to negotiate down to 7 USD in low season or for renting one long-term. The general condition of boards is improving slowly with more investment. If traveler spends less number of days on surfing it is best option to rent surf board from Weligama beach. If traveler plan to surf around the Island it is a good option that bring your own board from home. But if  you bring your own surf board you need to bear additional cost for travelling and transporting the board around the Island. Another option is to buy and resell if you are coming for more than a month. Try the South Surf Community or Sri Lanka Surf Community (opens in new windows) Facebook groups if you want to sell.

Surf board renting scams?
There are some very popular scams played out with rental boards, but there are some good and honest businesses out there too. Ensure that you check the board over well and make a note of any existing repairs or holes. It is better take a picture from mobile before you start surfing. And make a special attention on 'Fins' because most common scam is on loosing surf board fin while surfing. And ask and check whether the fins are original or the repaired before. It is standard practice to leave a passport or driving license as insurance but this puts you in a difficult position if the worst happens. The best advice is to agree on a price that you will pay if the board is, for example, broken in half and unusable. Some renters have charged the new price for breaking a years old board!

Surf board repairs
Board repairs are extremely expensive in Sri Lanka but the guys in general do a good job. Just be careful of the Sri Lankan surfer in the line up with the dented board. He might just be there to engineer a collision with you to give his friend some repair trade. In such a scenario that if the fin is broken or damaged: first negotiate with the shop owner,  duplicate fin repair may costs around 35 USD. If the negotiation does not work contact your accommodation or local guide, and try to repair and give them back, there is a surf board repair person in Midigama area (where your accommodation or local guide knows the location). If you face any disturbance do not hesitate to contact local police by simply dial 119 from mobile.

Where to rent surf boards from Weligama?

All most all the surf schools in Weligama area offer surf board and SUP rental services. Please see the below listed surf schools and shops.

Turning Point Surf School
Surfers Paradise (TripAdvisor
Ama Surf School (TripAdvisor)
Weligama Surf Center (TripAdvisor)
Worldride Surf School (TripAdvisor)
The Surfer (TripAdvisor)
My Surf Camp (TripAdvisor)
Soulsurf Weligama (TripAdvisor)
Wave Slayer (TripAdvisor)
Surfmakers (TripAdvisor

Buy Surf apparels / Beachwear

Weligama has plenty of clothes shops at Weligama beach break area. Although most shops offer a similar choice of products and beachwear suited to island use, a few shops offer brands made by local designers and some international brands. You won’t have to go far to find things like shorts, tops and T-shirts, swimwear, flip-flops, beach towels, sarongs, bikinis, sunglasses, hats, bags and beach games.

Where to buy surf apparels / beachwear from Weligama?

Below listed surf shops in Weligama a see below list.

Dylan's Surf Shop
Dylan's Surf Shop provides surfboards, surf and beach wear as well as surfing equipment from famous brands such as Billabong, DHD, Haydenshapes, Creatures of Leisure and Ocean & Earth.

Ceylon Sliders
Ceylon Sliders brings hand-picked merchandise from the island and around the world as well as things produced under our own brand.

Last Updated on: 2019/05/30