Surf Camps in Weligama Sri Lanka

The surf schools on Weligama beach are usually a simple set up of big soft boards propped up next to plastic chairs and tables, strategically placed under big tropical coconut trees where the locals will sit and enjoy chatting to anyone interested in taking up their services or simply wanting to know them! Go to a school where you feel most comfortable. All the guys are super friendly and will teach you the basics of what you need to know. They will give you a nice soft board, super for learning on, and look after your belongings while in the water.

The instructor will give you a quick introduction on the beach about how to stand up, control your board and basic tips on safety. The wave itself is soft. It’s easy to paddle out when the swell is small and white water enables beginners to choose how deep they would like to go. Anyone not so confident in the ocean can stay waist deep where you can still have fun and an all round wonderful experience without fear. For those getting the knack of it quickly, take a chance riding sideways out back! This is the perfect place to do so!

Surf Camp Sri Lanka is the ideal package for any surf group, university group, office group, or a bunch of good friends who are looking to have a really good time in Sri Lanka surfing or learning to surf, enjoying sight-seeing, and the good vibe.