Restaurants in Weligma

Weligama is by far Sri Lanka’s most renowned beach resort that has more restaurants than anywhere on the island. Weligama is home to some of the island’s best Sri Lankan restaurants. Weligama is profuse with dining choices, certainly enough for every meal to be a new experience; nevertheless, there are several venues that we have singled out here to help you decide between only the best. Weligama hosts many good restaurants with good mid range prices. Most of these restaurants are on Weligama beach break area which is the main drag between Marriott and Weligama bus station. 

In addition to the rows of small shops along its main beach road, together with the markets and stalls that line Beach road, an assortment of restaurants and bars share the scene offering a seemingly endless mix of local and international cuisine. From five-star beach resorts to burger joints, Weligama has it all. Weligama’s wealth of dining spots makes for a culinary adventure, and there’s enough for each meal to be a whole new experience. Discover the top restaurants in Weligama from below list.