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Rent-out a motorbike (scooter) in Sri Lanka is easy task, but finding such a service is possible in the Weligama area on the coast. Even travelers can easily rent a scooter or motorbike straight after arrival from airport using some of the tour operator around Negombo area. Otherwise travelers can ask at the hotel owner or just walk down the street and look for signs or exhibited motorcycles with a sign "Motorbike for rent" or "Bike for rent" (You would probably compare the priced even).

Renting a bike 'the procedure'

The bike rental price may vary from $ 6 to $ 10 for a day. You can use your bargaining skills to low down the price. Also be sure to ask for a discount if you take the bike for a few days: the longer the period the bigger the discount. Please find more details 'how you can self drive motor bike in Sri Lanka like a pro' from here.  Renting a scooter from Weligama would be a good option when compare to the driving hours to bring down it to the south from other areas in the Island.

Motorbike (scooter) renting providers around Weligama

Sumith Renters
Local motorbike (scooter) around Weligama area. You can contact Sumith Renters from here.

Mirissa Tourism
Local motorbike (scooter) around Mirissa area. You can contact Mirissa Tourism from here.

Negombo based motorbike (scooter) renting provider. This option is good when you want a scooter from your arrival. You can contact Mirissa Tourism from here.

Soul Riders Tours
This Galle based bike renting company where most of the bikes are Royal Enfield. You can contact Soul Riders Tours from here.

'Bike Rent in Sri Lanka'
This is a island wide bike renting company. You can contact 'Bike Rent in Sri Lanka' from here.

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