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Rajakulawadana Rajamaha temple which is also a famous historical temple located at Weligama area. The immediate context is very crowded with the school nearby as same as very noisy and congested environment. The land of the temple attaching with the road named 'Hettiwediya' from the side. As for the tradition 'Rajakulawadana Rajamaha temple' is very historical temple. Before you reach into temple please read Temples in Weligama article.

Brief history of Rajakulawadana Rajamaha temple

The inscription of the Rajakulavadana Vihara mentions about a donation of the four requisites for a day given to the monks coming from the four quarters by King Bhuvanekabahu IV and a structure built by Kaluparakramabahu, the Counsellor giving wages to the servants. It states further that a coconut grove had been bought and offered for the maintenance of the vihara.

Architectural design of Rajakulawadana Rajamaha temple

The temple is located away from the Weligama town area. It is located about one kilometer from the Weligama rest house towards inland. The surrounded with residential unit. The built up boundary wall, which is decorated by rhythmic pattern called 'Walakulubemma', is provided only for the front territory, where the land attaches with the road.

The access way to the temple premises is provided by passing flat land and then flight of steps. The main entrance is highlighted by providing a decorated pandol with a roof structure. This main entrance gates obviously express the concept of a demarcation of the religious place from the outer world. Temple has two entrance one is in front of Siddhartha college and other entrance is from Mahaweediya.

Entrance to Rajakulawadana Rajamaha temple

Stupa of Rajakulawadana Rajamaha temple

The bell shape 'Stupa' is located at the highest place of the land as a focal point of the surrounded environment. This monumental sculpture reflections prominence and majesties of the place. It placed on a sandy courtyard.
Stupa in Rajakulawadana Rajamaha temple

Bo-tree of Rajakulawadana Rajamaha temple

The massive Bo-tree create more shady, calm and tranquil environment as suitable to practice rituals individually. The white boundary wall, which creates to demarcate the Bo-tree premises, is well decorated by mouldings. Mythical and elephant figures of with less contrast colour scheme give aesthetic quality.
Bo tree in Rajakulawadana Rajamaha temple

Somananda Piriwena of Rajakulawadana Rajamaha temple

Somananda Piriwena is also located inside the temple which was dedicated for Buddhist monks education.
Somananda Piriwena

Image House of Rajakulawadana Rajamaha temple

And temple also has the Image house consists with an inner residential chamber for the Buddha images inter mediate space around it and outer verandah. At the inner chamber there are three Buddha statues are created on three different positions. The unbelievable height, dark, gloomy environment, well-decorated ornaments, mouldings, wall paintings could be identified at the inner chamber.
Paintings in image house of  Rajakulawadana Rajamaha temple

Buddha statues of  Rajakulawadana Rajamaha temple

How to get here?

Rajakulawadana Rajamaha temple is located near by Siddhartha college - Weligama. Travelers can easily reach into Rajakulawadana Rajamaha temple simply by walking from city center.

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