Medical Centers in Weligama

No one likes to think about getting sick or having an accident while on holiday, but if you do fall ill when traveling in Weligama it’s easy to find a decent hospital or clinic to fix you up.

Weligama has by far the best health care facilities in the south coastal region, so tourists in neighbouring Mirissa or Midigama in need of health or emergency care may end up in Weligama for small treatment. Currently Weligama does not has private hospital and but there is one government hospital. And has several medical centers/ dispensary which provide a reasonable level of care. And in hospital although it may be difficult to find staff at the government hospital who speak English or other foreign languages (that can differ time to time). Tourists in an accident or critical health situation are usually brought to the nearest hospital first for emergency treatment, then transferred to one of the other public/private hospitals, all of which are in the Matara / Galle town vicinity.

Things to remember:
- All government owned public general hospitals free of charge. But conditions are less and decent.
- Small type of dressings and medical checkups/Family doctor requirement it is recommended to visit private medical clinics in Weligama.
- For major injuries please attend to public/private hospitals in Matara.
- If you have travel insurance that can reimburse the hospital charges, it is advisable to attend to private hospitals in Matara.

Private Medical Center in Weligama town

Weligama has numerous small medical clinics, as well as dental clinics galore in town area. There are also many pharmacies in Weligama, which offers both over the counter drugs are doctor prescribed drugs. Peoples Clinic and Medi check is most famous dispensary and / family medical clinic in Weligama area. Both equipped with blood report laboratory. Doctor charges will be less than 5 USD.

Private Hospitals in Matara town

Matara’s town has two main private hospitals, Medi House Hospital and Asiri Hospital Matara, are both staffed with doctors and coordinators who speak English. Both hospitals have emergency care and they also do a major medical surgery.  Private hospitals has do the travel insurance claim also. If you’re in an accident or have a serious health problem when in Weligama, medical treatment costs can easily spiral into thousands,  of Sri Lankan rupees so ensure that you buy adequate travel insurance before you arrive. All private hospitals has their own medical clinics for various requirements. For more details please refer their websites.

Public Hospital in Weligama / Matara town

Weligama town has one public hospital: 'Weligama Public Hospital', it is staffed with doctors, nursers and coordinators who speak English. They do small scale medical surgery. But it is recommended that admit in to General Public Hospital in Matara, if your condition is in critical and major incident. All Government medical treatments are free. No registration and admission fee required. If traveler does not have a adequate travel insurance it is better to admit into Government public hospitals.

Emergency Ambulance service in Weligama

Weligama Police has a central ambulance service. Upon the call they will arrive your exact location with ambulance, thus emergency rescue and medical help team will be arranged. This service is free and the hotline is 1990 (Please dial from a local sim)