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Traveling Weligama from Sigiriya is a bit time consuming trip, bus. It is a matter of get in to a correct bus towards Weligama. Travelers can have three options to come to this magnificent Weligama beach - Sri Lanka from Sigiriya. This article provide details for, how you visit Weligama from Sigiriya.
Visit Weligama from Sigiriya backpackers guide

Total distance from Sigiriya to Weligama: 292 KM

Visit Weligama from Sigiriya in google map

Sigiriya to Weligama by Bus

If traveler decide to take bus as a traveling method they need to reach Inamaluwa junction in Ambepussa - Trincomalee Hwy road (see below map). To reach Inamaluwa junction you can use a slow buses which is going towards Dambulla from Sigiriya route number 490/1 bus. Or otherwise take tuk tuk (three-wheeler) and come to Inamaluwa junction. From Inamaluwa junction travelers can take a any bus that travel towards Colombo, most of the time those buses are long distance traveling buses therefore you may find less seats for sit. But it is a worth of try because it will reduce time and money, because those buses travel directly to Colombo within less time compare to others. You can try buses like Colombo - Trincomalee, Colombo - Polonnaruwa long distance.

If you decide that you need to take a seat and travel with bus. Then you can direct bus towards Colombo city in Dambulla bus station or Kurunegala bus station. In order to do that you can take Sigiriya - Kurunegala route number 549/499 bus, Sigiriya - Dambulla route number 490/1 bus to reach Kurunegala or Dambulla accordingly. In both cities (Kurunegala and Dambulla) has direct buses towards Colombo city. Kurunegala is more facilitated bus station compared to Dambulla. So we recommend to take bus from Kurunegala bus station if you unable to catch a direct bus from Inamaluwa junction.

Smart Option: Get in to long distance bus from Inamaluwa junction and take a ticket to Kurunegala. If you been able to take seat when you reach Kurunegala renew your ticket to Colombo fort.

Bus fare for Colombo from Sigiriya between 2 - 3 USD. Buses operate normally 05:00 to 20:00 time period. perhaps planing your trip early morning will be a advantage. It will at lease 3 hours to reach Colombo from bus. After you reach Colombo you can take Colombo - Matara route number 02 bus towards Weligama. Please read this article for visit Weligama from Colombo city. This traveling method is the most cheapest and backpacking way of traveling Weligama from Sigiriya.

Sigiriya to Dambulla public bus
Sigiriya to Dambulla bus
Inamaluwa bus stop in Sigiriya towards Colombo
Inamaluwa bus stop in - Sigiriya
Inamaluwa bus stop in Sigiriya towards Colombo
Dambulla bus station
Main bus station in Kurunegala for getting bus towards Colombo
Main bus station - Kurunegala

Sigiriya to Weligama by Train

Travelers can not take train from Sigiriya. Only train service available from either from Kandy or Polgahawela. This means traveler need to travel either Kandy or Polgahawela train stations for catch a train towards Colombo. Please find below two options if you wish to travel from train.

Option 01: Take train from Polgahawela
If traveler decide to take train from Polgahawela, take bus from Sigiriya to Kurunegala bus from Inamaluwa junction. Then get-off from Polgahawela junction and then walk into Polgahawela railway station from the junction its a less than a one kilo meter walk. Then take a train to Colombo fort. Find train time table from this government website: After reach to Colombo fort take train to Weligama from Colombo Fort railway station. Please read this article to visit Weligama from Colombo city. You can read this article regarding the train timetables towards Weligama from Colombo fort.

Option 02: Take train from Kandy
If traveler decide to take train from Kandy, take bus from Sigiriya to Dambulla bus from Inamaluwa junction. From Dambulla city then take bus from Dambulla to Kandy bus from Dambulla main bus station. After you reach Kandy, visit Kandy railway station. Then take a train to Colombo fort. We highly recommended that unless you wish to visit Kandy, this option is not worth. Find train time table from this government website: After reach to Colombo fort take train to Weligama from Colombo Fort railway station. Please read this article to visit Weligama from Colombo city. You can read this article regarding the train timetables towards Weligama from Colombo fort.
Polgahawela train station
Polgahawela train station
Kandy train stationn
Kandy train station

Sigiriya to Weligama by Taxi

Sigiriya has some taxi services which provide taxi services for various locations. Those rates can be change accordingly therefore you need to talk with them and negotiate prices the taxi. We highly recommend to use public transport instead if taxi prices are high for your budget. If traveler needs any local taxi services like car or van, they were park nearby Sigiriya or nearby famous hotels.

Travelers can have another option where several social media groups have share taxi rides with each other. You can just join those groups and try to share rides among backpackers. Please join social media below groups:
- Journey to Sri Lanka (Backpacking / Tourism / Information Hub)
- South Sri Lanka Surf Community
- Sri Lanka Taxi Share & Service
- Backpacking Sri Lanka / Taxi Service / Hotel Bookings

Additionally above options travelers can join several Telegram/WhatsApp group among Sri Lankan taxi service providers where they share / update their details, especially drivers who has got empty ride way back to different locations. Join below groups:
- Tourist Help Line Sri Lanka - Telegram group
- Sri Lanka Taxi - WhatsApp group
- Hikaduwa Airport Drops - WhatsApp group

Minimum cost for Sigiriya to Weligama would be 140 USD. This amount will be change according to the route, vehicle type, passengers.

You can book a taxi to Weligama from the Sigiriya via this form.

Different ways to visit Weligama from Sigiriya in Google Maps

Below map include the different ways come to Weligama from Sigiriya, Sri Lanka including bus routes, train and taxi routes.

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