Buy Sri Lankan Souvenirs in Weligama

There are plenty of things that make Sri Lanka an unforgettable place. Souvenirs are a great way to bring home a piece of the island with you and share the extraordinary experience with friends and relatives back home. Sri Lanka has everything: from high-end boutique shops to the traditional marketplaces, so you are sure to find a great souvenir to remember your trip. Just make sure you leave some room in your suitcase when packing for your island vacation.

Weligama is renowned for its markets and local crafts. A unique, handcrafted souvenir of your holiday is a perfect gift for loved ones or a way to treasure memories of that idyllic escape. In many places, travelers can watch souvenirs being crafted, try techniques themselves and learn about the cultural origins and symbolism of the product. Souvenir shopping becomes a rich tourist experience in itself. Here is the list of the best souvenirs to bring home from Weligama:


Batik has been a big part of Sri Lanka’s culture for centuries. Batik fabric, is made in a special sophisticated way, resulting in intricate patterns of dots, lines, or other objects. Different cultures yield different batik, and luckily, Weligama has one for you. Batik apparels made from cotton and natural dyes, is often used as clothing and during religious rituals, making it more than just a pretty piece of quality fabric. Tourists can also buy batik fabric in the form of skirts, dresses, or shirts. Batik shops are just about everywhere on the island. In Weligama tourists can buy batiks from several locations, nevertheless they can also visit to a batik factory. Where to buy: Batik Store, Welihinda Lekha Batik Factory, Moonlight Batik.

Silver Jewelry

Silver is as beautiful in Weligama as it is anywhere else, maybe even prettier when combined with natural stones, other gemstones, or even corals. Sri Lankan silver jewelry is made locally by experienced silversmiths who have been in the industry for generations. In Gem Store, for example, is built upon a community of traditional silversmiths, and naturally, jewelry-hunting becomes much more cultural and educative there. Where to buy: in Gem House.

Organic Beauty Products

Using only organic and natural ingredients, a lot of local brands have been incorporating those beauty secrets and wrap it inside a package cute enough to be a souvenir in itself. Some of the common ingredients to use are lemongrass and traditional flowers. The beauty products come as scrubs, soaps, and oils. Ayurveda is a traditional healing system practiced by Ayurveda doctors in Sri Lanka. This craft has been passed on to them through the generations. Lately, there are more local brands selling products using these age old remedies, and they are a perfect gift for your loved ones. Where to buy:  you can find them in local shops or Spa / Ayurvedic treatment centers.


Sri Lankan sarongs make a perfect purchase both for your days of fun on the island and as souvenirs for friends back home. Tourists can use sarongs as a layer while sitting on Weligama’s wonderful sandy beaches or cover their legs when visiting sacred temples. Sri Lankan sarongs are made from lightweight materials, making it easy to carry. The sarongs are decorated with various patterns from traditional designs to modern ones, making it a great personalized souvenir for everyone. You’ll also find them on the shopping streets of Weligama, Apparel stores in Weligama and Batik Store.

Wood Carvings

Living so close to nature, many Sri Lankans embrace natural and artistic lifestyles, which, luckily for tourists, results in wonderful souvenirs from natural materials. Wood carvings are particularly popular in Sri Lanka, where the material is abundant, and the art cherished. Tourists can find wood carvings of any price and quality, from cheap generic souvenirs to high-end art pieces. If you want to be cultural, ‘Devil’ masks are ones to consider. Where to buy: Batik Store, Surf Shops.

Devil masks

The devil mask is a traditional wooden mask used in rituals in the south of Sri Lanka (mainly Ambalangoda). There rituals are meant to ward off evil spirits, which might be a good reason to take one home. Where to buy: again, these are pretty popular and you can find it in many places. I would suggest Laksala which has a wide choice of designs.

Beachwear or Summer Clothing

Located in the heart of the equator makes Weligama a tropical paradise where every day is summer. Beachwear and summer attire are sold all year long, reflecting the island’s characteristic and vibe. Local designers produce excellent tropical clothing, and even the generic, mass-produced ones are iconic enough to be brought home as souvenirs, such as the simple sleeveless shirt, along with the shorts. Where to buy: Batik Store, Moonlight Batik, Surf Shops.

Ceramics and Clay Souvenirs

Decades of tourism has proved that Sri Lanka make great ceramics, with traditional and modern characteristics combined to bring sophistication to any home. Many shops offer handmade ceramics, from tableware to flower vases to home decoration pieces. And for someone you really like, you can consider giving him or her your own handmade ceramic. Where to buy:  Kumbalgama in Weligama offers products for tourists.


Sri Lanka wide selection of gems and jewellery is among the world’s best – with special stones and pieces befitting every occasion. Sri Lanka is known for the blue sapphire, one which is found on the engagement ring of the Duchess of Cambridge and on the crown of Queen Elisabeth II. Recently, the world’s biggest blue sapphire (almost the size of a man’s palm) was also found in Sri Lanka. Where to buy: Gem House, but in Colombo, Colombo Jewelry Stores for those willing to spend extra for quality and design.

Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea is definitely a souvenir you should take back from Sri Lanka. Ceylon, as it was called in the colonial times is world renowned for its tea. There are a wide variety of flavors to choose from.
Where to buy: You can find tea pretty much everywhere in Weligama. in almost all markets in Weligama and major supermarkets. But if you want to buy from professionals, I would suggest places like Dilma Tea Lounge or Sri Lanka Tea Board shop.


Spices The secret behind the flavors and aromas of local Sri Lankan cuisine lie in its use of rich and exotic herbs and spices, grown in the island’s beautiful tropical climate. Fact: the spice trade had colonists fighting over the islands in the Sri Lankan archipelago for centuries. Fortunately, in this day and age, there’s no reason for warring over chilies anymore. You can easily bring some of that spiciness home with you, with the many different spices sold in nifty packets at markets and modern supermarkets. There are even ready-made sambal dips, bottled fresh and easy to pack in your bag. The spice section gives you a wide array of spices to choose from (E.g. Turmeric, Pepper, Chilie, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves). Where to buy: in almost all Weligama markets and major supermarkets.