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Bodhimalu Viharaya (Bodhimalu temple) is located within the town area of Weligama. The immediate context is very crowded with the people and buildings as same as very noisy and congested environment. The land of the temple attaching with the road named 'Hettiwediya' from the side. As for the tradition 'Bodhimalu Viharaya' is very historical temple. At the modern it has made more developed. Before you reach into Bodhimalu temple please read Temples in Weligama article.

When considering the surrounded built environment of the temple, it is more crowded with large built structures and with less open area, less vegetation. So the atmosphere is more congested with several types of activities. A boundary wall is decorated using elephant figures. So, this boundary wall is named as 'Ethpawra'. It helps to keep the temple away from outer environment.

Entrance to the temple

The main entrance of the temple the main entrance is failed to 'Hettiweediya'. There's no any other entrances. Using only two columns on either side highlights it. It seems this arrangement is followed by the concept of 'simplicity' and 'demolition' in between the monster and the external world. The main entrance is focused to the Buddha image of the Image house. Because the entrance and the Image house is on the main axis. This, location of the main entrance expresses the concept of 'goal'.
Entrance to Bodhimalu temple
Entrance to Bodhimalu temple

Atmosphere in the temple

The temple precinct consists 'Stupa', Bo tree, Image house and 'Devala'. Only the essential element is provided within the very small land premises. Other than the Bo tree there's another two historical trees. The environment one could feel calm and serene. It enhances the concept of make habitable environment for the users and functional isolation. Ash and white colour and simplest arrangement and marble paved terrace make more appropriate environment as habitable to practice rituals. This expresses the concept of simplicity.
Paintings inside Bodhimalu temple
Paintings inside Bodhimalu temple

Temple buildings in Bodhimalu temple

The 'Stupa' is comparatively very small monument, which is located at the top of the Image house. When examine its arrangement could be identified the location is selected as a highest space of the place. It expresses the concept of that creates the 'Stupa' on highest place. The Bo-tree premises have dismantled by a boundary wall. 'Devale' complex also has built up as very close with the Bo tree shrine. Image House The rectangular plan for, the building with less decorations and colours used its scale and proportion reflections the concept of simplicity. It is only one chamber. The Buddha statue is positioned inside. There is an only one entrance to the Image house. The flight of steps and the entrance, which is focused to the Buddha image, make pre-condition of mind. It enhances the concept of 'goal'.
Bodhimalu Temple Weligama
Stupa of Bodhimalu temple - Weligama
Bodhimalu temple Bo tree
Bodhimalu temple Bo tree

How to get here?

Bodhimalu temple is located in the heart of the Weligama city near by the Sri Sumangala college. Travelers can easily reach into Bodhimalu temple simply by walking from city center.

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