Ayurveda Spa & Wellness Centers in Weligama

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient holistic wellness systems that helps restore a balance between mind, body and spirit. In Sri Lanka, Ayurvedic medicine has been around for about 5000 years, providing healing schemes to purify skin, balance emotions, alleviate stress, and to treat several other ailments. The basis of Ayurveda treatment is a process of purification and rejuvenation. According to this philosophy, the accumulation of toxic substances in your body, coupled with poor diet, digestion, sleep and excess stress leads to the imbalance of the system and can lead to poor health. Herbs and natural medicines are used to eliminate toxins and balance the body’s energies, so restoring health and vitality.

History of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

Ayurveda spread to Sri Lanka from India around 6th century BC and would go on to become the main form of medical practice in the island. Sinhalese kings contributed significantly to the development of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka - King Dutugemunu built hospitals for the Buddhist monks and a maternity hospital as early as 173 BC, and King Buddhadasa (388 - 416 AD) was a great Ayurveda physician and is credited with the compilation of ‘Saratha Sangrahaya’, which is read by Ayurvedic doctors to this day. Ruins of these ancient hospitals can still be seen in the ruined cities of the Cultural Triangle. Ayurveda in Sri Lanka is today intermingled with Siddha (medicine from South India), Unani (Greko-Arabic system) and some aspects of acupuncture from China. Until the introduction of western medicine by the British in the 19th century, Ayurveda attended to the health of the people, and even today remains a part of Sri Lanka’s national healthcare system.

Benefits of Ayurveda

You don’t have to be sick to enjoy the benefits of an Ayurveda massage or bath, and the benefits include: slowing the ageing process, prolonging lifespan, improving digestion and eyesight and correcting sleep disturbances. Ayurvedic therapies are also beneficial for a range of other medical conditions including reducing diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, arthritis, and a host of other medical problems.

Ayurveda in Weligama

If you are interested in exploring Ayurvedic treatments? Hotel spas in Weligama offer a ‘light’ version of Ayurveda while the full spectrum is offered at hospitals and clinics specializing in Ayurvedic medicines. The latter is mostly for serious medical patients, so tourists are recommended to enjoy the introduction concept by trained specialists at hotel spas. Here are a few hotels / resorts that offer exclusive spa facilities in Weligama:

Ayurveda Spa & Wellness Centers in Weligama

Wellness-oriented centers, in Weligama, have become increasingly popular in the recent years. Good Spa, Bawana Spa and ME Yoga Villa has also expanded wellness offering, metaphysical healing and yoga for visitors who are looking for recognizable wellness solutions to integrate into their travels. Spa therapies, however, are not exclusive to the high-end market. In fact, small locally-run massage spaces are securing their share of the market by offering competitive rates for as low as USD 8 per hour.

Ayurveda Spa Hotels in Weligama

Most of these best hotels in Weligama also use varying holistic approaches to inspire you to embrace health, fitness and live a better life. They offer ayurveda and yoga facilities, amazing spas coupled with exotic treatments that are inspired by ancient healing traditions, and there are plenty of open-air activities that help you connect with Mother Nature.

Hotels that offer Ayurveda Spa facilities in Weligama: Weligama Bay Resort, Cape Ayurveda, Weligama Bay Marriott Resort & Spa

Ayurveda Resorts in Weligama

The Ayurveda resort is equipped with an excellent Ayurveda health centre that provides relaxing, preventive and curative treatments for a range of medical complications including shoulder pain, back ache - sciatica, insomnia, Gastritis ulcers, skin disorders, psoriasis, allergies, arthritis stress relief, weight loss, reducing of diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure and a range of other medical problems

Ayurveda resort that offer Ayurveda Spa facilities in Weligama: Ayurvie Weligama, Barberyn Beach Ayurveda Resort