Ahangama Beach Sri Lanka

Situated on the Southern coast of Sri Lanka, Ahangama is a great calm beach for a relaxing holiday in the south coast. The Kabalana beach break is great for beginners where you can froth about in the white water and a few local surf schools to look after you. The ocean bound town of Ahangama is currently a surfer’s paradise but its origins are as a prominent fishing village of the south. Its gradual shallow waters rich with many marine creatures host not only beauties such as coral fish, but also types of fish that are for consumption. Ahangama beach the ideal place to have an exotic meal be it fish, lobster, crab or even octopus! Staying true to its origins, Ahangama beach still features groups of stilt fisherman along its coast. Its surfing culture is also very strong but attracts more weathered surfers as the surf can be too rough and unpredictable for beginners and intermediates.

Ahangama Beach : A Secret Beach with less crowd

The beach often skirts towards the road, but when it finds its own path away from the traffic beneath swaying coconut palms it feels unspoiled and is often deserted except for the fishermen who can be seen hauling their wooden catamarans onto the soft golden sand. This stretch of beach is not only famous for its surf, but also for the stilt fishermen whose characteristic pose atop a stick stuck deeply into the sea bed is often seen on postcards and gracing the covers of guidebooks, such is its uniqueness to the island of Sri Lanka. Best photographed in the early morning and evenings as they cluster in favorite fishing spots close to the shore, the fishermen and their sturdy sticks, passed down through the generations, are often absent during the heat of midday. Inland from Ahangama’s beaches is a verdant wonderland of paddy fields and jungle that hug an amazing collection of antique houses whose pretty fretwork adorned eaves, inspiring stucco columns and delicate detailing hark back to the time of the colonials and make for an interesting walking tour.
Ahangama beach | Sri Lanka
Ahangama beach

Kabalana Beach in Ahangama

The Kabalana beach break is great for beginners where you can froth about in the white water and a few local surf schools to look after you. There are some more challenging steep left and right on the beach side close to the main point. On the south side of the beach by the small rock take care with the rip currents about 2-300 meters from the shore, there are no lifeguards to rescue you.
Kabalana Beach | Sri Lanka
Kabalana beach

Emerging surf spot around Weligama area?

The various sea breaks in the area linking Ahangama provide good support for the beginners. But they also offers wonderful thrills to the well experienced surfers. Ahangama is known as one of the best low-key surfing spots in Sri Lanka, making it a wonderful destination for surf enthusiasts. It has some of the best and most consistent surf spots, with great surf breaks making for thrilling fun for both beginners and experienced surfers alike. The first surf spot heading east is the consistent beach break at Kabalana Beach, which normally has something to ride even when waves are tiny elsewhere. The main break is in front of Hiltens Beach Resort. Up to 6 feet of water supports both the beginners and long boarders. The next break is in front of Ram’s guesthouse, which is short but hollow and fast. Another break with an incoming tide which suits the beginners is located approximately 400 meters away from Ram’s guest House. Apart from the breaks, the climate and specially the early morning offshore wind might be very adventurous and rousing to surfers with an extra barrel while surfing.
Kabalana Beach Surf Point | Sri Lanka
Kabalana beach surf point

Facilities still accumulating?

Development is ongoing in parts, but for now it remains a relatively low-key region with a mix of surfer-friendly accommodation and the odd villa. The shoreline consists of slim sandy bays and rocky outcrops, though the highway often runs very close to the shore.

Eight things To Do and See around Ahangama

- Surfing: Ahangama is known as one of the best low-key surfing spots in Sri Lanka.
- Water Sporting: Jet skiing, fishing, snorkeling, kayaks is available for hire for travelers.
- Scuba diving: Ahangama has several diving points which are in close proximity to the beach.
- Stilt fishermen: Stilt fishermen spend hours perched on a cross bar of a single pole planted into the sea-bed.
- Yakinige-duwa island: Tiny rock island strangely named 'Yakinige-duwa' | the she-devil's island.
- Tea Plantation in Ahangama: Handunugoda Tea Estate a centerpiece of Ahangama vacation itinerary.
- Galle city tour: Experience the colorful colonial city of Galle on day trip.
- Charity works: There are many charity works around Ahangama area like Animal SOS, Children Home etc..
Stilt Fishermen in Ahangama Beach | Sri Lanka
Stilt Fishermen in Ahangama beach
Yakinige Duwa in Ahangama beach | Sri Lanka
Yakinige Duwa in Ahangama beach

How to visit Ahangama from Weligama

Roughly half-way between Galle and Weligama, Ahangama has an intermittent stretch of beach that opens out properly to the east at Midigama where the surf is considered to be some of the best in the south.

Where to stay around Ahangama

Cheap accommodation facilities in its quiet atmosphere allows you to relax away from the crowd. Search hotels and villa using below map.


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