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"A popular destination for surfing, this expansive bay features sandy beaches & picturesque views."

Weligama is a town on the south coast of Sri Lanka, located in Matara District, Southern Province, Sri Lanka. The name Weligama, literally means "sandy village" which refers to the area's sandy sweep bay. It is approximately 144 kilometers (89 mi) south of Colombo, Sri Lanka and is situated at an elevation of 9 meters (30 ft) above the sea level. It is no secret that Weligama is a has the best beach in the south coast Sri Lanka. Every year thousands of young travelers make their way to Weligama in search of surf beginner lessons and beach bars and clubs. There are a variety of beaches to choose from, all with a different vibe and suited to different types of travelers.

Weligama beach surf camps

Sri Lanka has such beautiful cities, Weligama is just another addition to this long list. Located in the south coast of Sri Lanka, Weligama is a popular tourist destination and it is for a strong reason as well. Its marvelous rivers and just beautiful sceneries are so captivating that one just can’t resist. Weligama is filled with sandy beaches, small islands, landmarks and of course with some decent surf waves for surf beginner. It also an interesting blend of lively fishing town and beach resort. The sprawling main settlement and coastal road is somewhat scruffy and not that easy on the eye, but you'll find the sandy beach is attractive once you're away from the main section; there's a couple of cove beaches west of the center.

Unique Location with Bay

Located on Sri Lanka’s southern coast, Weligama resonates the charm of an idyllic fishing village. This quaint town is largely untouched by mass tourism and meanders along a stunning bay, dotted with rocky ridges and fringed with fine beads of golden sand. The bay is protected somewhat from the wind, if the rest of the coast is blown it can be better here.

Distance from Colombo Airport: 170 Km (4.15 hours’ drive)
Distance from Colombo: 140 Km
(3.30 hours’ drive)
Aerial view of Weligama Bay with sandy beach

Why Weligama So Special?

Weligama certainly a place with plenty of things to do which will keep you busy and happy. Lots of people make Weligama as one of their must visit destination just to witness the picturesque sandy beaches views it creates. It is a dream place for many surfers with some of the best surf beginners the Island provides. This coastal town got vastly popular among the tourists lately. If you are looking for a place to unwind from your busy lifestyle and to spend some peaceful, relaxed time with the nature, this is the place and you will leave Weligama with some fond memories to last a life time! If you are on a vacation in down south Sri Lanka, a trip to Weligama is a must.
Weligama Beach

How to get here - Weligama?

Travelers can easily reach Weligama from road, airplane, expressway and train. Travelers can easily reach Weligama from Airport, Colombo, Hikkaduwa, Galle, Kandy, Sigiriya, Ella, Arugambay, Yala, Udawalawe, Hiriketiya, Kalpitiya, Negombo etc... You can find more details from here.

Surf Beginners Paradise?

Weligama is world famous for its coastline due to the sandy beaches that are perfect for surfing, snorkeling and coral watching. Weligama, is a great place to learn to surf, about two kilometers stretch of shallow sandy beach. One of the best places in south Sri Lanka to discover a connection with the ocean and catch your first wave. Get there for first light and surf till sunrise, so a good time to practice on uncontested waves. Surfers can easily be surfed when small, holds up to 5ft. A big swell on a beginner’s break is kook carnage with boards flying everywhere, very entertaining to watch. Expect learner drop-ins and to make some new buddies out the back. More advanced surfers can find reef breaks close by in Mirissa just 3 km south or Gurubebila just 3 km north. You can find more details from here.
Surf lessons in Weligama beach

Things to Do & See in Weligama?

Weligama is a unique Bay and Beach with a wide and long sandy beach. The tiny island called Taprobane Island once owned by Frenchman Count de Maunay has built a beautiful house on it. The Bay is famous for its remarkable fisherman doing stilt fishing, Weligama is also a wonderful Scuba Diving and Surfing Location. Spend a day just roving around the stunning beach, or marvel at the denizens of the deep ocean when you embark on a diving excursion. Popular for its remarkable surf points and dive sites, seas off the Weligama Beach is home to an extraordinary collection of marine life - offering you the chance to see Blue Whales, Whale Sharks, Manta Rays, Stingrays, Angelfish, Parrotfish, and wide array of other marine life. You can find more details from here.

How to get here - Weligama

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